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Michael Schenker Fest premiere official video for “Take Me to the Church”

Michael Schenker Fest are set to invade the UK in November in support of the new album “Resurrection”.

Yesterday the band is teased their new official video for “Take Me to the Church”, which can be seen now below.

Michael Schenker comments: “Today we are releasing the new video for "Take Me to the Church", released from Michael Schenker Fest’s debut album - "Resurrection". We filmed the video in an old church in St Petersburg, Russia as well as at our live show there that same evening. The process was an interesting experience! The fans in Russia were great for the video, too”.

Uli Jon Roth announces “50th Anniversary” November & December 2018 UK Tour

Fresh off his G3 European and UK tour with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci, former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitar players ever.

He is one of the last greats who is still around to present his magical style of playing which he already forged in the late Sixties when he was still in his teens. Uli played his first ever show in December 1968 - at the age of 13 - and to celebrate his upcoming 50th Stage Anniversary, he will play 6 very special UK concerts.

Lee Aaron - Diamond Baby Blues

Canadian Rock Goddess Lee Aaron, apparently decided to reconnect with her “rock” roots, a few years ago, after a performance at Sweden Rock Fest, which culminated in the release of a rock album, instead of the jazz fare of the 90s that gave way to her 80s “rock” output.

Michael Schenker Fest - Resurrection

Michael Schenker, guitarist extraordinaire and former wildman, has seemingly mellowed and sobered down in the past few years and was even able to build up from the ruins of his latest exit from UFO, with the Temple Of Rock vehicle, which did release a number of pretty solid albums, with Doogie White (ex-Rainbow, etc.) at the vocal helm.

Find Me - Dark Angel

Find Me is one of those bizarre Frankenstein experiments that happen in Frontiers offices, somewhere in the south of Italy, where famous musicians are combined with others to create new projects, but their debut, “Wings Of Love” really silenced all critics by being a fine melodic rock release, that effortlessly combined the best aspects of pompous AOR with soft rock, in a delicious concoction…

State Of Salazar

Hey Marcus, congrats on “All the Way”! It’s a magnificent debut release by any means!
M: Thank you!
So, do tell us how and when this band started…

State of Salazar - All the Way

State Of Salazar is a newcomer from Sweden which was formed in 2010. During a 4-year period they managed to release an EP, “Lost My Way” in 2012, sign a contract with Frontiers records after a while and finally release their debut in 2014. Putting out your debut release through one of the major AOR/melodic rock labels ain’t a minor thing and it requires talent and skills to do so. Fortunately, State of Lazar have ‘em both…

Shy - Unfinished Business

I was really thrilled when I listened to “Unfinished Business” for the first time back in 2002 and writing a review was the least I could do for this magnificent album. Of course, I made a mistake back then… I should have rated the album with half a point more but I wanted time to tell whether my judgment was right or if I was just overexcited because I hadn’t heard from the band for over ten years plus, they had been and still are one of my beloved hard rock bands.

Shy - Unfinished Business

Who would believe that Shy would be back again after so many years with the original singer, Tony Mills, in the band again? Who said that hard rock music is not on the rise again? Only a fool can believe such a thing, especially after listening to Shy’s new comeback album! And for those who don’t know Shy, it’s better to stop dealing with rock/hard rock music. I can only say they are missing an important part of hard rock music and that’s a pity!