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Monte Pittman live in Florida 2018 along with Sebastian Bach

For those that aren’t familiar with Monte Pittman, he had been in several bands in his home state of Texas then moved to Los Angeles. His rise to fame began when Guy Ritchie then husband to Madonna, yes that Madonna of “Like a Virgin” fame, received a guitar from her as a gift and he went to Pittman for lessons. So, Guy Ritchie returned the favor, bought her a guitar and she too went to Monte Pittman for lessons. She was so impressed with his incredible playing that she made him the guitar player in her band.

Fifth Angel - The Third Secret

Returning after heck 29 years, with an album and having only performed for the public for the second time in 2010 and without the original singer, Fifth Angel is a band that could and should have been big, since the talent that they had in their ranks was phenomenal… and they were on the branch of a multinational (ie Sony’s Epic label) yet mainly due to timing and nonmusical issues were held back.

Blood Of The Sun and Lucifer live in London 2018

Lowen created a slow, deep and mystical doom folk metal meld. Nina’s long wavy hair, combined with her medieval style dress created a beautiful elven look. The second half of the set picked up the pace with a more rocky edge. Starting with the electric guitar taking the forefront, then the drums crash in for a fast and heavy solo. Nina joins last, with mystical yet almost Sci-fi esque wailing vocals.

Castle - Deal Thy Fate

Eerily disturbing Southern elements, not to mention scary political developments, have driven me to seek refuge, as well as solace, in all manner of throttling and hauntingly melodic fare; namely, the sly, old boogeyman man commonly known nowadays as “heavy psych” rock, or, perhaps more fitfully, “psychedelic doom” metal.

Michael Schenker Fest premiere official video for “Take Me to the Church”

Michael Schenker Fest are set to invade the UK in November in support of the new album “Resurrection”.

Yesterday the band is teased their new official video for “Take Me to the Church”, which can be seen now below.

Michael Schenker comments: “Today we are releasing the new video for "Take Me to the Church", released from Michael Schenker Fest’s debut album - "Resurrection". We filmed the video in an old church in St Petersburg, Russia as well as at our live show there that same evening. The process was an interesting experience! The fans in Russia were great for the video, too”.

Uli Jon Roth announces “50th Anniversary” November & December 2018 UK Tour

Fresh off his G3 European and UK tour with Joe Satriani and John Petrucci, former Scorpions guitarist Uli Jon Roth is widely regarded as one of the greatest guitar players ever.

He is one of the last greats who is still around to present his magical style of playing which he already forged in the late Sixties when he was still in his teens. Uli played his first ever show in December 1968 - at the age of 13 - and to celebrate his upcoming 50th Stage Anniversary, he will play 6 very special UK concerts.

Pamela Moore - Behind the Veil

Pamela Moore is best known to the metal crowd as Sister Mary due to her involvement in Queensryche’s monumental concept album “Operation: Mindcrime”, as the eponymous character. Since, but also before that she has a rather unspectacular solo career and did some guest performances.

Michael Schenker Fest - Resurrection

Michael Schenker, guitarist extraordinaire and former wildman, has seemingly mellowed and sobered down in the past few years and was even able to build up from the ruins of his latest exit from UFO, with the Temple Of Rock vehicle, which did release a number of pretty solid albums, with Doogie White (ex-Rainbow, etc.) at the vocal helm.

VOJD - The Outer Ocean

“Rockular” acronym or initialism notwithstanding, Stockholm’s VOJD should readily appeal to fans of brash yet wistful Swedish traditional heavy metal, which often meanders into equally ravenous instances of retro-rock revelry where down-to-Earth and concise, tuneful lyrics/vocals over searingly refined, mint blues solos built around melodically bumptious mid-tempo, oft fulminating, rhythms are the order of the day...