Youth Forgotten - Ghost of a Fallen Empire

Youth Forgotten Ghost of a Fallen Empire cover
Youth Forgotten
Ghost of a Fallen Empire
Independent Release
Youth Forgotten is a newcomer, which started out in 2013, and consists of well-known members of the scene like: the vocalist J.C. Koszewski (Dead Even), the lead guitarist Matt Brewer (ex-Integrity), the drummer Rob Walters (Salt The Wound), the guitarist Aaron Salo (Above This Fire) and the bassist Jim LaMarca (ex-Chimaira, ex-Sacrifix, Highpoint etc.).
As you have understood by the band members, Youth Forgotten is a hardcore/metal act which plays rather aggressive & extreme music. I may not be very fond of this music kind but I can say that Youth Forgotten adds nothing new to the genre. They “recycle” the same things and the result is kinda generic and monotonous at times. The production is good – although the drum sound could have been better – and it was done by the guitarist Rob Arnold (ex-Chimaira, The Elite).
Youth Forgotten have the experience and the capacities to make it, but they’ve got to work harder and not try to redeem the success of their former bands. They need to mark their own way and get off the genre’s mediocrity & insipidness. Definitely, they can do better than “Ghost of a Fallen Empire”… it’s on their hands.