Youngblood - No Retreat

No Retreat
Eonian Records
Well, here’s another example of how good hard rockin’ 80s music was left out of the game and never saw the light of day due to label’s issues or the plague called grunge music.
Youngblood’s debut album was supposed to have been released in 1989… the band had written and recorded about 45 songs back in the day and the label (Sony) approved 16 out of them. The other songs were kept in reserve for future releases. Unfortunately, this album never came out… till now!
“No Retreat” is an utter 80s hard rockin’ album… it doesn’t smell 80s neither trying to imitate that era... it’s a pure child of that great (if you ask me) music period. The guys here play in the same style as the bands did back then… influenced by: Steelheart, Slaughter, Kix, Danger Danger, Firehouse, Def Leppard, Ratt, Poison, Warrant, Extreme and so on. Oh, how nostalgic this album is… evoking memories when hard rock music (hair metal, sleaze metal whatever you like it to be) was all about the hooks, the melodies, the stylistic attitude and the wonderful sing-along refrains. Albums like that make me miss that era more than ever. As I’m writing these lines, the song “Coming Home” is playing at the back… how playful is that, huh?!
This album’s got rocking tunes to fancy & sing out such as: “Pump It Up”, “Get Down To It”, “Saves Your Lies”, “Find a Way”, “Taste of Your Lovin’”, “Back in My Life” & “Don’t Play With My Head”… as well as some touching ballads so as to break someone’s heart like: “Coming Home”, “My One and Only” & “I Love You”. I don’t feel this album needs to get rated, for if you are like me and love the 80s hard rock music then you probably gotta get this CD somehow. This is some really good shit right from the heart of the 80s… need I say more?!