Yes - Heaven & Earth

Yes Heaven & Earth
Heaven & Earth
Frontiers Records
Saying anything about this band is totally unnecessary and either case it has already been told. So, I’ll cut right to the chase and say that Yes are vastly missing Jon Anderson & Rick Wakeman. With that in mind, I cannot in any way compare the real Yes (with the two aforementioned musicians) with this Yes who at times sounds like a very well-studied tribute band.
“Heaven & Earth” has a rather cheesy, easy-going, soft & lifeless sound that can easily put you to sleep with its calmness. I was expecting something at least exceptional by the renowned producer & Grammy Award winner, Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, The Cars, Guns N’ Roses, Foreigner, Smashing Pumpkins, Alice Cooper, etc.) but sometimes you’ve got to make dinner with the ingredients that you have at each given time… and you’re meant to impress the audience by doing so each time. Don’t take this wrongly as the production is very good in every aspect.
The opener “Believe Again” would have made a wonderful track if it lasted around 4 minutes and not 8! It has something from Yes’ more commercial era but it’s impossible not to let go after a while… you see 8 minutes are way too many for such a fine pop-rock/progy track. While the performances are great, the songwriting is all over the place. It’s obvious that they didn’t work thoroughly on it and they seem to have relied on their experience and their talent. That’s understandable but sometimes they are not enough to give you a bunch of superb tracks. Another thing that’s missing is the excitement of recording and playing with your band-mates. It’s almost impossible not to fall asleep just before the end of this album. Why is everything so lifeless & nerveless here? It’s true that the album has an “Asia” atmosphere all over it, and that’s easy to get due to Geoff Downes. Undoubtedly, a feeling or boredom will embrace you as long as you keep on listening to “Heaven & Earth”… it’s inevitable!