Year of the Goat - Angels’ Necropolis

Year of the Goat Angels’ Necropolis cover
Year of the Goat
Angels’ Necropolis
Ván Records
That was a much anticipated release by the fans of occult rock music. The two previous EPs had left them wanting for more so, finally, these Swedish guys came up with their debut album. Taking their musical inspiration as well as their occult/satanic atmosphere & lyrical concept by bands such as: Black Sabbath, Black Widow, Wishbone Ash, Lucifer Was, Blue Oyster Cult, Witchfynde, Coven among others, Year of the Goat was proven to be a quite good apprentice.
Their 70s sound, their appearance, the dark, occult, psychedelic, hard rock, doom, classic rock music amalgam they are delivering in “Angels’ Necropolis” are all evoking memories from a decade when this kind of music was on its prime and people had the tendency to say/hear weird & bizarre things about those satanic bands. This style may not excite some older fans like myself but it is actually good and it will mostly relish the younger ones. Surely, Year of the Goat are way better than a bunch of also new, occult, hard rock, psychedelic & doom acts like The Devil’s Blood & Blood Ceremony. They sound more earnest & attentive on what they do.
Appreciatively, the longest tracks here are equally interesting although I think they should focus more on the short ones and better up their hooks a bit. The twin guitars are good, for instance in “Spirits of Fire”, but they must work on new melodies and not on the same ones we have heard too many times before. The production is also very good, lively & rockin’, even though it has a “retro” feeling.
I sorta think that Year of the Goat can do great in the future and that this debut will only give ‘em the appropriate push they need. Surely, they haven’t reinvented the wheel but if they continue working in such a way, they will achieve some rather good things in their career. “Angels’ Necropolis” is a strong debut but it needs that something more so as to reach the creativity the abovementioned bands had back in the day…