Yagull - Kai

Yagull Kai cover
MoonJune Records
Yagull is the brainchild of the composer & multi-instrumentalist Sasha Markovic. On this second release, “Kai”, Sasha is cooperating with the extraordinaire pianist Kana Kamitsubo. Along with this duo there’s a bunch of guest musicians: Beledo on classical guitar, lute, electric guitars & bass, Dewa Budjana on guitar, Wen Chang on violin, Gabriel Nat on clarinet, whistle, Yoshiki Yamada on double bass, Lori Reddy on flute, Anthony Mullin on guitar and Jackson Kincheloe on harmonica.
“Kai” is a laid-back, smooth, instrumental, acoustic, atmospheric, artistic & easy-listening album. The album also has a soundtrack-like & creative character not only due to the musicians’ performances but also owing to the very inspired and progressive arrangements. The album features eight original compositions, two reworked tunes from Films and two acoustically revised classic rock covers, “Wishing Well” by Free and “Burn” by Deep Purple. The production is very smooth and crystal clear. It was delivered by Sasha himself.
“Kai” can be characterized as an absorbing and captivating music album on the whole. It can work perfectly as background music but the more attention you pay to the musical compositions the more little musical details you’ll discover. This is not an album which mostly addresses musicians, instrumentalists and culture-lovers of any kind… but it also appeals to those who fancy melodious musical themes that speak to the heart…