W.E.T. - Rise Up

W.E.T. Rise Up cover
Rise Up
Frontiers Records
W.E.T are certainly not wet behind the ears although this is their second album. Even JSS himself might have lost count of how many albums or bands he has taken part in throughout the years! Let’s have a flashback in 2009 and recall “W.E.T” for a moment… the fortunate ones know exactly what I’m talking about, as for the rest of you who don’t… how unfortunate!
Once “Rise Up” starts you just don’t want it to be over. “Walk Away” gives the first real kick followed by “Learn to Live”, equally intense, dynamic and catchy. “Rise Up” is next and it’s in line with “What You Want”; both are very uplifting and positive tunes to make your day. After “Rise up” a more emotional song awaits to warm your heart, “Love Heals”… definitely not my favourite, still quite pleasurable indeed. The same goes for “Bad Boy” and “On the Run”, very rocking and satisfying ones but hey! everyone has preferences. Upon hearing the lusty singing on “The Moment” all you can really do is sing along. As for “Broken Wings”, it would be marvelous in concert (ticket ASAP please!!). As the song list draws to an end, each song surpasses the other. The penultimate track, “Still Believe In Us”, is my favourite yet, both “Shot” and “Still Unbroken” are splendid as well.
In essence, I don’t have to spell it out further… I think you got the picture. I’m not fond of comparisons and for the most part I prefer to evaluate each work separately, but the case here calls for an exception. The debut release still holds a special place in my heart… but “Rise Up” will also gratify the fans of the genre…