W.E.T. - One Live - In Stockholm

W.E.T. One Live In Stockholm cover
One Live - In Stockholm
Frontiers Records
Well W.E.T have been a quite successful collaboration between the main personalities of 3 of the biggest bands in melodic rock that happened also to belong to Frontiers Records roster. (W)ork of Art, (E)clipse and (T)alisman. After two quite successful albums there was the idea to record a show since this band is not one that can get together so easily, because JSS, might be all around the world, most of the time, but he is one busy individual, hard to pin down for a project at one time, so on the 17th of January 2013 at the Debaser Club in Stockholm, Sweden, a show was given where some 19 tracks were aired, most of them culled from the 2 W.E.T albums, but some of them being classics like Talisman’s “Mysterious” and “I’ll Be Waiting” and Eclipse’s freshly released and rousing single “Bleed & Scream”... The full tracklist is as follows: CD1 holds “Walk Away”, “Learn to Live Again”, “Invincible”, “I’ll Be There”, “Love Heals”, “Rise Up”, “Bleed & Scream”, “Bad Boy”, “Still Unbroken”, “Broken Wings” & “I’ll Be Waiting”. And on CD2 we have “If I Fall”, “Shot”, “Comes Down Like Rain”, “The Great Fall”, “What You Want”, “Brothers in Arms”, “Mysterious”, “One Love” and “Poison (Numbing the Pain)” (bonus studio track) & “Bigger Than Both of Us” (bonus studio track) Both of those tracks were recorded during the “Rise Up” sessions but weren’t released… (maybe they were in Japan? Who knows?!) Albeit this is a good chance for all of us to get em here!
The sound is pretty good with the exception maybe of the first song, where the levels are a little bit all over the place (which can be expected in a live environment) but things are not that terrible and the sound engineers, get to fix the problems really fast so by the end of the song things are running pretty smoothly. The band as well, tends to feel right at home, with most of them being Swedes, playing in Sweden and I suppose even JSS, is no stranger, having fronted Swedish bands for quite sometime… so it’s all very “kinda homey...”.
Well I suppose If we had access to the DVD we could tell, but ever since the demise of the previous distribution of Frontiers locally no such thing as physical promos have ever transpired in our lovely country... the trailer reveals, a rather nicely “put together” official bootleg type of shot (with even shot where hands seem to be visible and appears to have a somewhat lacking “direction”) but seems to have a decent amount of close ups and a great sound... the whole package should be available as a 2CD/DVD package. (Unlikely to be sold separately? But then again usually those 3ple disk releases are attractively priced anyway!) Having witnessed the band at Firefest – making it just in time to catch their set, I’d say it’s probably a worthy investment! I mean it’s a nice bunch of songs – value for money package + 2 rarities, so why not! Not essential, but a worthy addition, to any collection.