Warnot - His Blood Is Yours

His Blood Is Yours
Nightmare Records
Warnot is the new project of the former Doctor Weird & Cloudscape guitarist/composer Bjorn Eliasson. Bjorn is the one & only responsible for the result as he has written, produced, recorded and mastered the album all by himself. Of course, he’s accompanied by a bunch of friends/vocalists like: Thomas Bursell (Second Heat and Helsingborgs Symphony Choirs), Mike Andersson (Cloudscape, Full Force, Star One, Silent Memorial etc.), Sussi Sorensen (Bo Wilson Band), Bjorn Persson (Doctor Weird), Sara Andersson (Helsingborg choirs), Bjorn Eliasson (Cloudscape) & Andre Mollestam.
After listening to the album again and again, I have to say that I’m a bit torn. Yes, I do get that Bjorn has blended several music styles, such as: prog, atmospheric, symphonic, power, heavy, doom, extreme (a little bit), gothic, operatic, theatrical, rock… but even though the CD ideally starts with “Raptures of the Deep”, after the half it’s like another CD has jumped in out of nowhere. I mean there’s rather a musical diversity in the album but just enough to make you lose your orientation at times. It sorta feels like listening to a compilation more or less. Furthermore, I think that the CD is overall long… it lasts about 58 minutes. It’s good but not pretty cohesive as a music piece. It’s nicely produced and has quite a few strong songs that will catch your attention as well. Needs several spins to get exactly what Bjorn is up to here. Give it a shot however… cuz’ I think a number of you will be contented with its musical variety…