Warme - Council House Opera

Warme Council House Opera cover
Council House Opera
Indie/Paul Rodriguez Music Ltd
Warme is a British rock band that has been going on since 2003. The band has given various live gigs in UK, Europe & the US, and it has also released several singles along the way. This is their debut album so the phrase “better late than ever” couldn’t be more appropriate in this case.
As you have understood, these guys mean business and they take things seriously so be prepared for some rather tasteful rock music with lots of rock & roll and pop-rock (brit pop-rock) elements and a few alternative passages. The band’s strong card is, without any doubt, the signer Lee Walsh. Lee has a raspy rockin’ voice that will bring some of the golden voices of the past in your mind. The performances are all great and the songwriting is pretty tight too. The production is quite good and edgy too.
There’s a certain song variety in the album, which makes its listening very easy and pleasant. There are tracks for every mood… from the popier ones to the melancholic ballads and finally to the rockers. I still do not know why they chose to leave the wonderful gloomy “New Man” out of the official track list, only to put it as a “bonus track”. You should not leave out one of the best songs… that’s a “principle”. On the other hand, the lack of catchy refrains does not make the final outcome so appealing, even though it ain’t bad at all…. however it could have been better. Other than that, one could say that this album mostly addresses the British pop/rock fans and that wouldn’t be absolutely wrong. Those who like the specific Brit pop/rock sound should give it a go…