Walpurgis Night - Midnight Wanderer

Walpurgis Night
Midnight Wanderer
My Graveyard Productions
Trying to figure out what kind of music this band plays wasn’t hard. Judging by the cover artwork, I was sorta sure it had to do with heavy metal music generally. This newcomer from Italy started in 2009 and they released their debut in 2011. Now after nearly a year they’re back with their sophomore release.
I wasn’t wrong at all about the heavy metal genre where I placed the band, but these Italians are kinda more traditional and into the 80s era. Being influenced by NWOBHM, and from Heavy, Epic, & Power metal styles of the 80s, they seem to have a special love for this specific period. Their looks resemble the bands of that time and the production, which is lively & raw, has an 80s “underground” approach. They also have a new vocalist, Stefano Balma, & a drummer, Marcello Leocani on board. I like the new singer a bit more than the previous one, although their styles are quite alike.
They do have some fine ideas here & there and they do play well… but I think that there are songs here that are too long for no reason. This kind of music does not need long tunes, expect for one or two, in the whole release. It’s noticeable that they’re tryin’ to find their way and they have taken several steps ahead since their debut. Their third work will be like a barometer for the band’s future though. Those who are fond of traditional 80s metal music will find some nice features here.