Wallachia - Shunya

Debemur Morti Productions
Although Wallachia was formed back in 1992 (at first they were a one man’s project), they have only released 3 full-length albums up to now. Well, one can say that the music proportions & times were different back in the early 90s, especially on the black metal music. Being from Norway, which is like the mother of all black metal music, sometimes makes it hard cuz’ you have to compete with some truly great & well-known bands. On the other hand, when you see an extreme metal band with origins from Norway you sorta know that you are about to hear something good.
Entering their 20th year of existence Wallachia did release their best & most mature album to date. The black metal rawness is excessively embellished with atmospheric, symphonic, melodic, folk & melancholic elements… delivering a marvelous extreme but rather tuneful, dim & moody outcome. Some times more aggressive, others more melodic and more than a few quite atmospheric & dark… “Shunya” has all those features to mesmerize you in every way. The album’s kinda “raw” & vigorous sound along with the well-arranged orchestrations is evoking memories from the 90s & the early 00s days.
The use of instruments like: violin, viola & cello is offering an extra elusive & gloomy atmosphere and that’s what separates this album from other relative releases. Even though we’re not presenting “extreme metal” releases very often for obviously we’re quite picky & careful, when there’s a remarkable album that needs to get out there for people to know, we are here to promote it. Wallachia have done a fairly great job with “Shunya”. This album will appeal to those who are fond of the black/extreme side but also revel in murky, atmospheric & melancholic descants in music. Either way you see it, I suggest you try out “Shunya”, if you do fancy atmospheric, symphonic, melodic & melancholic black metal music.