Walk In Darkness - In the Shadows of Things

Walk In Darkness In the Shadows of Things cover
Walk In Darkness
In the Shadows of Things
Independent Release
Walk In Darkness is a gothic/death-metal quintet, with four robed guys – with pseudonyms, very much in the vein of Sweden’s ghost – with an Emiliano Pasquinelli adding grunted vocals in the first song “Heavy Wings of Destiny” in a way not unlike old Theater Of Tragedy, opposite one Nicoletta Rosellini (who is the vocalist of a band called Kalidia as well and has sung live for Kaledon amongst others) who does a decent enough job, with resorting to extremes, singing in a range that’s comfortable to her, instead of trying to force a higher pitch with questionable results. In fact that is her strength, other than a pleasant timbre, since she’s able to really sing with power and intonate according to what each phrase needs and not to how much breath she might have left.
“Last Siren” sounds like a more epic Lacuna Coil of “In A Reverie”, while “Chance in the Storm” is more hard hitting and quite metallic at its core, with the noble female vocals contrasting quite nicely in a way that’s primal and not as refined, but also castricated by too complex instrumentations in bands that have “made it’. “Eternal River Flow” is similar to others but for some bizarre reason its chorus, reminded me of very early Rhapsody “say Rage of the Winter”...
“Walk Like Heroes” is a bit more reserved, with the vocals being more subdued, but expressive as everywhere. “Catharge” is nice, epic and quite dramatic, not entirely unlikely the riffy “Dance of Time”, but quite radically different than the last track “Alexandria” that manages to stand out by it’s interesting dual female vocals, as a second vocalist, by the name of Magdalena Lee, offers a helping hand. It’s not less dramatic, but the twin vocals make it sound it a lot more symphonic and impressive, especially as some pretty higher tessituras are being explored/employed.
The lyrics are deep and inspired by the metaphysical, but still trying to apply to man’s existential journey and the human condition in general and for a debut, the band hasn’t done anything badly. Mayhaps, if them “ghostly” shrouded dudes sounded a bit more lively in the mix and not as flattened out, I would have liked it a bit better, but I still found this offering quite acceptable. I imagine that these hooded gentlemen and their lady singer might interest us again in the future and in fact I very much hope they do.