The Quireboys - White Trash Blues

The Quireboys White Trash Blues cover
The Quireboys
White Trash Blues
Off Yer Rocka Recordings
The Blues are primarily a “black” music style, but that doesn’t mean that quite a few “white boys” didn’t play a mean blues guitar, sometimes with such gusto, that it put to shame some of the cornerstone artists of the genre, becoming legendary themselves in the process…
Now “The Quireboys” never set out to be a blues band; they more or less started out and continue to be a kick ass rock n roll one, but they are able to play the blues with such authenticity that I had to think again whether Spike was a Geordie that relocated to London and not some smoked up, whisky swillin ‘ southerner. Damn!
Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Chuck Berry and Billy Boy Arnold classics all get, The Quireboys treatment. The band too plays with an unmatched lazy swagger that enhances the result and authenticity to ridiculous levels. You can still tell it’s the Q’s, but they sound just as much different as they should to not “mangle up” these fine numbers…
Although I find cover albums boring by default, some efforts and some bands manage to do even them “right”… both not losing themselves into the covers, but also managing to adapt their style enough in order not to lose what made the original work in the first place. And The Quireboys manage to just have a go at this, with exactly that attitude. Get yer rocka’s off, it’s time to play some blues, muthas.