The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic

The Night Flight Orchestra Amber Galactic cover
The Night Flight Orchestra
Amber Galactic
Nuclear Blast
Firstly, once word of advice, if you want to do Disco/AOR influenced stuff, where the funk are you going with such a snare and bass drum sounds?! Also, no matter what, despite Björn “Speed” Strid’s “clean” efforts in Soilwork’s “sell-out” albums, (post “Predator’s Portrait”), he’s an average vocalist… you should hire a guy who can sing, as this genre more than any other one has some of the most impressive vocalists.
Apparently NFO – apart from a file acronym is also a project of the aforementioned “Speed” and “Sharlee D’Angelo” (Arch Enemy, King Diamond/Mercyful Fate etc)… that goes for an 80s disco/pop sound that’s been getting tons of praise from aging and balding 80s “hardcore” fans…
Opener, “Midnight Flyer” would have indeed “flown to low” to be discovered in the 80s, even if it was sung an octave higher.
“Star of Rio” sounds like a left-over of Duran Duran… with a chorus that’s kinda good and groovy, but them vocals... nah…
Likewise “Gemini” with its keys is a nice slice of power pop, but sung poorly.
“Sad State of Affairs” is generic and derivative of a couple of bands and styles…
“Jennie” is another largely forgettable faux 80s number that might have gotten into top 40 in a bad time of the year, but again its production philosophy is so post 00’s and it kills all the “simple & hollow 80s vibe”… with the highly ‘verbed and compressed nature with no headroom or serious dynamics.
“Domino” almost rips of “ToTo” again managing a decent chorus – but subpar vocals.
“Josephine” had me thinking that who even mixed and mastered this, should be found guilty for crimes against our hearing. Weak pop, with hardly a proper hook.
“Space Whisper” derivative and forgettable. What was the word… ah filler.
“Something Mysterious” almost gets the style right (bar the vocals) but its style over substance.
“Saturn in Velvet” is nearly eight minutes long, which makes it tiresome to listen to and it’s also boring to start with… yawn.
“Just Another Night” is another boring little number that goes nowhere fast… until it sort of rebounds after a neat little sax solo…
An album from a “side project”/band only given importance and reviews because of the company it’s coming out on. Boring, derivative and second grade, with “3 worthy numbers” that are pastiches of 80s hits, badly produced and sung even worse… album of the year? God forbid!!!