The Dead Daisies - Burn It Down

The Dead Daisies Burn It Down cover
The Dead Daisies
Burn It Down
Spitfire Music
The Dead Daisies are one of those bands you can’t help but enjoy. With influences from some of the great acts of the 70’s and 80’s like Aerosmith, Bad Company, and Foreigner these guys personify Rock n’ Roll. In the five years they’ve been together they have made three studio albums, a couple of EPs, and even have a live album under their belt. On April 6th they released their fourth studio record “Burn It Down”, and boy did they burn it down with their latest effort.
Usually the opening track is a good indication of how a record is going to be. If this is true, then buckle up and get ready for a wild ride because “Resurrected” is a real barn burner. It grabs you right from the get go and when its done you start it all over again because listening to it just once isn’t enough.
Things don’t back off for a second when “Rise Up” kicks in. The great musicianship is plain as day, the guitar work of Doug Aldrich and David Lowy is perfectly balanced with the rhythm work balancing out the lead. Then of course the bass work by Marco Mendoza and drumming of Dean Castronovo providing the perfect foundation for everyone. Of course, John Corabi has the perfect growl and grit.
When it’s time for “Burn it Down” to comes on, things take a bluesy turn. While this track has a great blues vibe going, when the chorus kicks in it rocks out and balances things out really well.
“Judgement Day” and “What Goes Around” continue with the blues rock theme very nicely. As the Dead Daisies are known to do they always have a good cover song up their sleeves and this album is no different.
This time they take on the classic Rolling Stones song “Bitch”. The mark of a good cover is when you know the song, but the band completely makes it their own, and on this The Dead Daisies succeeded.
“Set Me Free” slows things down nicely. This ballad just drips with the blues and is perfect for John Corabi’s voice.
The last three tracks “Dead and Gone”, “Can’t Take It with You”, and “Leave Me Alone” are all straight up rockers and continue to showcase all the talent that is in this band.
This fourth chapter in The Dead Daisies career is definitely the most rocking of all their efforts to date. The musicianship displayed by all the members alone is worth purchasing this album. Now add great songwriting, one hell of a cover song, and that and that should seal the deal on this one. If you are looking for a great straight-ahead Rock n’ Roll album, look no further. While it doesn’t break any new ground musically, new ground doesn’t need breaking all the time to create a great album like this one.