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The Courettes
We are The Courettes
Sounds of Subterrania
The Courettes is a Brazilian-Danish duo, which consists of Flavia Couri on vocals & guitar and Martin Couri on drums & vocals. The duo, Flavia and Martin, is both married in life and in music, if one can say so. The group started almost 4 years ago, and in 2015 they released their debut album “Here are The Courettes”. Now, three years later, they’re back with their sophomore release “We are The Courettes”.
When I first played the album, I had to double check my calendar to see it was really the year 2018 and not sometime in the 60s (“back to the future” thing). You see, the duo’s music is a 60s pop-rock amalgam with various fuzz-rock, rock & roll & garage rock influences. The band’s sound is a. bit fuzzy, raw and in-your-face. The album was produced by Kim Kix (Powersolo), who also plays the tambourine on “Fool Fool Fool”. The track “Voodoo Doll” features the Brazilian horror legend Coffin Joe on vocals and Fred Roller on sax.
Damn, this duo should have existed during the 60s, this is what they are all about, and I do think that this is what they wish to as well. I do not know if there many fans that fancy that 60s pop-rock music, but whether you’re a music fan that was raised during the 60s or a younger one, you should give this duo a listen, cuz they are good at what they do.