The Aaron Clift Experiment - If All Goes Wrong

The Aaron Clift Experiment If All Goes Wrong cover
The Aaron Clift Experiment
If All Goes Wrong
Aaron Clift Productions
Three years after their sophomore release “Outer Light, Inner Darkness”, the Austin TX band, The Aaron Clift Experiment, is back with their third full-length album. This time the band has a new drummer, Tim Smith, on board. Furthermore, the band parted ways with their long-time guitarist Eric Gutierrez, a few months before their recordings would take place, so instead of searching out for a new guitarist, a thing that would have been rather risky at that moment and would have delayed the recordings for sure, the guys decided to go on and record the album with some of the top guitarists in Austin, such as Dave North (guitars), Van Wilks (guitars), Derek Halfmann (guitars), Dave Sebree (guitars), Fred Springer (classical guitar), Arielle (guitars & backing vocals) and Kevin Chin (guitars). Apart from the abovementioned guests, the band has also enlisted some other musicians like Jon Blangero on mellotron, Milo Hehmsoth on piano, Charles Anderson on violin, Lana Dziekonski on viola and Ellie Prager on cello.
The idea of having some talented musicians during the recordings has surely helped the band achieve much better results than they would have had in mind. Then again, the fact that the album’s music has been co-written by Aaron and bass player Devin North this time has worked really well and has given the band the necessary push to broaden their musical horizons. A team work is always better than a one man’s work, that’s for sure.
The album was recorded at Antimatter Studios in Austin, which are owned by David Sebree, and it was mixed, produced, and mastered by Randy Miller (The Beach Boys, Christopher Cross, Eric Johnson, etc.). Also the sound engineer Russel Tanner helped the band achieve such a good final result. The production has a “vintage” sound, and it’s full. I think that a modern production wouldn’t have fit the project well, so they guys took the right decision to move on that way at long last.
“If All Goes Wrong” is a step forward for the band in every part, no doubt about it. Still I do fancy the longer & atmospheric tracks of the album most (“Absent Lovers”, “Dream Within a Dream” and “If All Goes Wrong”), since they remind me of bands like King Crimson, Barclay James Harvest, The Alan Parsons Project and The Moody Blues among others. Now the right thing to do is to add a talented guitarist to the band that would fit their style and to move forward. This may seem like an easy task but it will define the band’s future in some way. Do give this album a spin if you fancy the 60s and 70s prog rock and some of the aforementioned bands.