Teslathrone - Railgun

Teslathrone Railgun cover
3 Dead Rats Records
Teslathrone is a newcomer from Minsk, Belarus, which took shape in 2008 and consists of 3 members. There are two guys, Lavr on guitars, vox, Lex on digital, vox and a gal, Ms. T on bass, vox. As you can see by the band members, this is not going to be the average everyday band you come across.
Indeed, Teslathrone blend several dissimilar music genres together and they do it quite effectively! Electronic, avant-garde, metal, extreme, atmospheric, industrial, darkwave, drum ‘n bass, dubstep, black metal, ambient & trance elements are all blended together in a “weird but very listenable” outcome. The cinematic female vocals, or to be more precise the industrial-like narration is mixed nicely with some extreme ones. Nevertheless, I’d like them to reduce the “extreme vox” and use more fem or melodic ones but that’s my perspective. The well-done production is also another plus but I guess it’s hard to go wrong when most of the work has been done digitally.
Anyway, tracks like “Orange Tuesday” show the way Teslathrone should follow in the future. The cover on Burzum’s “Lost Wisdom” is very interesting on top. They have given a rather transformed denotation to the track. The album flows nicely and there are various fine ideas and themes that you can come across when listening to it. Teslathrone have taken their own “idiosyncratic, odd & diverse” music path which may be tough but it gives the absolute control of music expression in relation to the lack of sundry restrictions. This kind of bizarre electronic avant-garde music is for eccentric & elegant listeners who seek something out of the ordinary…
PS: You can stream the track below or the whole album and get your own impressions.