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Tesla Manaf
Tesla Manaf
MoonJune Records
Tesla Manaf is a young & very skillful guitarist from Indonesia. This album is divided in two parts. Tracks from 1 to 8 were included in the Indonesian album “A Man’s Relationship with His Fragile Area” in 2014, and tracks from 9 to 14 were also released in Indonesia in 2011 on the album “It’s All Yours”. So this release kinda presents Teslan Manaf to the whole world by bringing his two previous albums together.
Along with Tesla Manaf we have Rudy Zulkarnaen on upright bass, Hulhul on clarinet, trompet pencak & Indonesian flute, Desal Sembada on drums, Gega Mesywara on upright bass, Yd Nafis on keyboards & synth, Dani Irjayana on drums, Mumu on soprano sax & flute, Zaky on vocals, Adrian Firdaus on gangsa, Dewa Made Premana on gangsa, William Teh Putra on kantil, Wisnu Pramadi on kantil and Gede Darma Raharja on jublag, gong & kempluk. As you can imagine the album is full of experimentations/improvisations and it has an ethic music character. Some progressive rock & jazz/fusion elements can be found here and there too. The production is smooth & clear.
This album mostly addresses musicians who are into this kind of experimental and ethnic music. It’s not an average & everyday music that you can play each hour of the day so it takes a special preparation in order to get into it. Then again due to the smooth and easy-listening atmosphere it creates, the album can work nicely as background music as well…