Terrorway - Blackwaters

Terrorway Blackwaters cover
Bakerteam Records
This Italian label has started signing bands which are way out of the label’s territory lately. I know that metalcore, extreme, deathcore, groove/thrash etc. music is our time’s trend and seems to get a good feedback by the fans all over the world but that’s a kind of music that I never got into and will never get. You see the total shortage of melodies and the “extremeness” (not as much as they hope to be), just for the sake of extremeness, simply does not do for me. Anyone can be “extreme” these days, but what’s the point in that? And I’m telling they are not half-way there in the actual term of extremeness as the death metal bands of the 90s defined that term. So do not try to bullshit me with the “extreme”, “wicked” metalcore-shit stuff.
Anyhow, Terrorway falls into that category. Too much noise about nothing. They are heavy, groovy, extreme, metalcore, with deathcore passages, badass etc. but this thing is boring, unoriginal overdone, generic & forgettable as 99% of this genre’s music. Nothing to hold on to and nothing to discover by repeated listens. Probably a waste of time and a good way to get even with your butthead neighbor that’s busting your balls with Shakira, Lady Ga-ga and all those pop shit. Do not fail to remember to get a pair of earplugs for yourself though! If you’re a teenager who’s full of anger and fury then you can go along with it… of course, till you find out the actual extreme metal music and get hooked with it…