Terra Nova - Reinvent Yourself

Terra Nova Reinvent Yourself cover
Terra Nova
Reinvent Yourself
Melodic Rock Records
Terra Nova is an average, melodic rock, AORish, band, who did release a few albums some time ago, before they fell out with their then company, had their members getting involved in a variety of products and released another album through Frontiers some time ago.
Recent enough and while preparing this album the band had a fall out with Frontiers over the direction of the album and decided to split with them. Melodic Rock Records, picked up the project, along with King Records in Japan yet, I do have question the sanity of this choice, as this feels patently under produced and sounds very demo-ish overall. The songs luck punch and hooks and even if the band hasn’t strayed that far from their signature sound, this feels like their weakest release yet on every level... “Broken”, “Promises” (those two are separate tracks) and “Jenna” are probably the best picks, but overall, this is rather disappointing and only recommended to the band’s hardcore fans.