Teramaze - Her Halo

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Her Halo
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Aussies Teramaze, which were originally called Terror-maze and were quite a bit thrashier and changed their name and direction when some of their members embraced Christianity, into a prog/white metal hybrid, are releasing their fifth album, the debut of new singer Nathan Peachey and bassist Luis Enrique Eguren. The former is a lot mellower and less shouty than Brett Rerekura, the band’s former singer, but he tries not to estrange the older fans, but displaying more of an edge as necessary.
The music too fluctuates, between more melancholic soundscapes and more aggressive parts that try to create a contrast that’s supposed to create the dynamics that should keep the story of the album unfolding. I forgot to mention that the album is a concept about a glamorous trapeze artist who might seem like she’s brilliant and has it all going on for her, but internally is a broken person on the verge of despair.
To me they style is vaguely reminiscent of an imaginary crossing between latter day Pain Of Salvation and TesseracT, however bizarre the pairing might sound. There are the more modern as well as the more classical elements, all presented in such a cinematic and overbearing way that you’re bound to either love this or hate this. I dislike the fact that while there’s quite a bit of variation within any given song, overall the album seems made up of rather similar sounding/mood songs with less variety. The flow is OK, but you’ll either think this is a masterpiece, or you’ll be totally bored to tits, depending on which side of the fence you’re standing on… worth checking out, but… be prepared to either love or hate them. I can’t say I’m enamored with them, but I don’t really hate them either…