Teramaze - Esoteric Symbolism

Teramaze Esoteric Symbolism cover
Esoteric Symbolism
Nightmare Records
Teramaze returns with their 4th studio album and in comparison to the previous one they made a kind of a sound change here. Their music on “Esoteric Symbolism” is less heavy-thrash oriented and more prog/power. The performances are tight, the production is excellent and the singer Brett Rerekura, probably gives his best performance to date!
Groove heavy riffs, smart orchestrations, powerful sound and fine melodies all under a progressive but not overdone or overplayed background. I do not know how the loyal fans of the band will receive “Esoteric Symbolism” but I’m sure that this album will bring new devotees on their camp. Alternatively, if you haven’t heard of these Australians before then you will be totally overwhelmed by this album.
The CD version includes the bonus “The Divulgence Act”, which is not available on digital release. That’s something that Nightmare Records does lately on their releases and I find it to be a smart move. The psychical version is more advanced in every part than the digital one and it must be supported in every way. I hope that other labels will start doing the same.
I do think that there’s a shortage in a couple of things. The basic is the long running play of the album. You see 78 minutes (with the bonus track) of music are more than one can take. Due to the long duration there are tracks that are kinda generic. Also the tracks are rather “identical” so the listener gets too much of the same in the end. Fewer songs with the overall duration being approx. less than an hour would have been better in my opinion. Nonetheless, “Esoteric Symbolism” is a very good melodic prog/power metal album.