Tengger Cavalry - Ancient Call

Tengger Cavalry Ancient Call cover
Tengger Cavalry
Ancient Call
Metal Hell Records
China is a big place not only in the map and in numbers but also in values and culture. This country is slowly but steadily coming over to the EU & US and in the years to come it will be a part of our lives. So why not in metal music too?! I may not know many Chinese metal bands – it’s true that their Japanese neighbors are way ahead of them in terms of rock/metal music – but I do know that they have a thing for extreme metal music.
Tengger Cavalry is that case where extreme metal music – especially back/death metal – blends with Chinese folk music or to be more precise traditional Mongolian music. In Europe or in the US we would simply call it folk or ethnic music. You see everything is folk/ethnic but each place has its own explicit music principles & traditions. The band was formed in 2010 and their music is deeply influenced by Shamanism and Buddhism.
The folk parts on “Ancient Call” is the icing on the cake. They are very atmospheric and peculiar, especially for the Western people. Then again the black metal, black/death & extreme parts are OK but too overdone and not very imaginative. The production is also very well-done. Overall, “Ancient Call” is a solid extreme/folk metal album which introduces Tengger Cavalry to the West countries.