Temtris - Shallow Grave

Temtris Shallow Grave cover
Shallow Grave
Battlegod Productions
Temtris are hailing from down under. Even though they were created back in 1999, under the name Labyrinth, they soon changed it to Temtris and since then they have released 3 full-length releases, including this one. Seven years have passed since their previous album “Masquerade”. Now they strike back with the new “Shallow Grave”.
The band’s music style is a blend of heavy metal, prog metal and traditional metal with lots of extreme & dark elements. The vocalist Genevieve, apart from being evilish sexy, she also has a very powerful & metallic voice. Temtris could have been one of those female-fronted heavy metal newcomers – if they weren’t formed 15 years ago and didn’t have those –unappealing – extreme metal features & brutal vocals at times. I think that instead of making the final outcome better, they hold it back and give it a kinda unpleasant feeling at times. Furthermore the production is a bit sharp & “dry”. It’s OK, but it could have been much heavier & a bit full.
Temtris is a good band overall. If they could eliminate those extreme metal features/vocals and fix their production then they could easily achieve nice results. They have some good ideas, Genevieve is a wonderful singer and they do have studied their heavy metal lessons very well… the rest is up to them…