Temperance - Temperance

Temperance cover
Scarlet Records
They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but cloning a band?! Temperance are the mirror image of Amaranthe ala Italian... almost down to the hairdos and the facial hair... lol!
They have the over pronounced drumming, the cute soprano gal, the electronics, the dude that’s doing the screamo stuff, although he’s not occurring that often, as Temperance seem to rely an awful lot more on the girl and instead of “copying” In Flames all that much, which they do up to a point, they do throw into the mix, a lot of other stuff, like the Nightwish “their pompous up-tempo stuff”, the Stratovarius or Sonata Artica style, but heavily modernized...
Without being a bad album, Temperance’s debut is too homogenized and derivative – like an attack of the clones on Amaranthe that It just feels – weird. Without being bad, or having something extremely “bad” going on about them, there wasn’t anything that would set them apart either?!
Lead singer Chiara, is sure pretty on the eyes, and has some potential, but needs to work a little more, on sounding a bit more natural and more commanding, but she surely makes a good impression. Heck even Tarja was shit, all through her career with Nightwish and just kicked the thick Finnish accent, only after being kicked from the band… the band plays well but could be tighter and more dynamic... their mastering could also be better... finally the songs… I mean they got soft keyboard intros, then some bombastic part etc. and that their ONLY dynamic, it’s not as if there are REAL dynamics because there are pauses and interesting breaks etc. it’s all very trite… they could try and become more adventurous too. Both with their compositions as well as with the production. Only then will they become competitive enough… I believe... it might take some practice, some trial and error and might prove frustrating but… it could prove fruitful…
Songs like “Tell Me”, “Hero”, “Breathe” which also has been shot as a video, the nice ballad “Stronger” as well as the rather epic finale “Lotus” do show that the band holds promise, but they do need to work hard to actually throw away the lance and mantle of a clone band with promise and turn into a really good band, if they want it… and they will need to want it badly and chase that dream…