Television 60’s - Celebr-Hate

Television 60’s
Street Symphonies/Andromeda Dischi
It all started from an idea between the two basic and original members, Mikki (bass & vocals) and Cioxxx (drums) back in 2005. After several line-up changes, they settled down and Mikki finally took over the vocals as well. What they wanted to do was to play rock & roll with a little bit of garage & punk music without any compromises. Adding elements from The Hellacopters, Gluecifer, Imperial State Electric (mostly), Backyard Babies, Hardcore Superstar, Hanoi Rocks and so on... they started writing their own tunes. With lyrics talking about sex, fun, good time, drugs & girls you can’t bypass the fact that those youngsters wanna party all day long.
I like their attitude and their way of doing things... but they’ve got a long way to cover if they wanna achieve something more than just playing music, having fun, getting it on with groupies and fooling around. First of all, they need to add more personality to their music, deliver better & more memorable tunes and make their production more powerful and updated. The overall sound is not bad now... even though it has a little underground taste. Getting into the music business is not as easy at it seems... but holding up to it, is  an even harder thing to do... thus, it’s up to them which way they will go to in the future to come.