Ted Poley - Beyond the Fade

Ted Poley Beyond the Fade cover
Ted Poley
Beyond the Fade
Frontiers Music Srl
Let’s start (unintended pun) not Something – like the title of the opening song suggests, but by stating that I love Ted Poley’s vocal work on pretty much everything he’s been involved in; be it Danger Danger, solo stuff, Melodica, you name it! Apparently quite a few years after his last proper solo outing, Frontiers got Ted interested in doing another solo album with the Vega, Martin brothers providing a lot of the songs and even Tony Bruno Rey (Saraya), who is sort of a Danger Danger alumnus as well as he took part on the debut album… chipping in a song, namely “Hands of Love” and Alessandro Del Vecchio and his house band providing production and musical backing… on paper this should be great, but is it?
The songs, certainly, are not bad at all, fitting Ted’s voice nicely and being quite consistent and it tune with Ted’s previous solo outings, you know probably a bit more melodic and AOR flavored than his main gig, but that’s not bad, I guess. What I somewhat cringe about is the over-layering of stuff that tends to water down certain songs that might have worked a little better in a more stripped form and Poley’s tendency to go for his smoother deliveries even on songs that would have benefited from a rockier, edgier vocal. It’s however only a small qualm, since most of the album seems to work nicely as it is with songs like “Higher” and “Let’s Start Something” but also “Hands of Love”, “You Won’t See Me Cryin’” and “Beneath the Stars” being relative highlights.