Taurus - No/Thing

Taurus No/Thing cover
Independent Release
It’s official; Portland, Oregon is the weirdest place on earth right now. I had my suspicions after watching the TV show “Portlandia”, but after listening to Taurus’ “No/Thing” I’m sure of it.
Taurus is a musical duo consisted of Ashley Spungin and Stevie Floyd. I have absolutely no idea how to classify their music. It’s a kind of dark… twisted… hellish… doom type thing with heavy guitars, slow tempo drumming, ominous keyboards, eerie vocals and nightmarish screams. Since this is such an unconventional record there’s no way of writing a conventional review for it. That’s why there’s no number grade on top of this text.
Just like the band’s previous work (“Life”), I think that “No/Thing” should be viewed more as an experience, rather than a music album. What can I say? I guess that Taurus were aiming to submerge the listener to their nightmare and make him/her feel uneasy. If that’s the case, then they’ve more than succeeded.