Tarja - Colours in the Dark

Tarja Colours in the Dark cover
Colours in the Dark
Nightwish’s ex-singer has been a prolific artist since October 25th 2005 when the Finnish singer and the previously mentioned band parted company. “Colours in the Dark” is her fourth full-length album (“Henkays Ikuisuudesta” was the first in 2006, “My Winter Storm” in 2007 &“What Lies Beneath” in 2010) and she absolutely remains one of a kind as well as true to what she knows how to do best.
“Colours in the Dark” is an operatic symphonic/melodic metal album and it is bound to capture the fans’ interest; a Nightwish aura is there yet whatever seems “it sounds familiar” is blended with other musical ideas which are gratifying eventually. Tarja sings remarkably as usual and she is surrounded by notable musicians (only one line-up change – Kevin Chown on bass) so the whole outcome is a step closer to what many would call “creatively executed” which, as a statement, sums my view of the album up.
I see fit to give some details about each one of the songs: “Victim Of Ritual” – an awesome march-like song, “500 Letters” a splendid symphonic tune, “Lucid Dreamer” – oddly great owing to the special effects, “Never Enough” – heavy riffs pervade here (the last 1.57 minutes approximately are straight heavy riffing) “Mystique Voyage” & “Deliverance” – mid-tempo operatic/melodic songs, “Darkness” – a quite interesting cover by Peter Gabriel, delivered with utmost care and respect, “Neverlight” – another heavy tune, “Until Silence” – mellow & sorrowful, and last “Medusa” featuring Justin Furstenfeld – an apt collaboration imo.
For those who go loco with Tarja, getting the special edition will grant you a download code for studio version of “Into the Sun” whilst getting the limited boxset you receive a special edition “Colours in the Dark” (hardcover book CD format, 40-pages booklet + download code for studio version of “Into the Sun”) plus 1x vinyl size 60-page picture book, 1x t-shirt, 1x two-sided poster, 1x poster (photo collage), 1x Holi Paint Bomb and 1x download code for two songs. However, iTunes offer two bonus tracks as well: “Neverlight” (full Orchestral version – Live) and “Until Silence” (orchestral version – Live). So, devotees all over the world feast your eyes on her new CD and pin your ears back for what Tarja has to offer.