Tango Down - Identity Crisis

Tango Down Identity Crisis cover
Tango Down
Identity Crisis
Kivel Records
Not quite consistent when it comes to new releases, Tango Down are back with a new work and a new singer again! Huh, it’s been a kind of “curse” for the band… every album has a different singer… I bet someone would call it a way to break monotony up. This time the new singer is the renowned David Reece (Bangalore Choir, Accept, Sacred Child, Sircle of Silence, Stream, Gypsy Rose etc.).
The other three and steady members Scott Miller (guitar), Keith Michaels (drums) & Keith Sinott (bass) are responsible for the music and the song arrangements of each album. Tango Down have not suffered an identity crisis as the album title exclaims… instead they’re still into 80s-90s hard rock music with elements from Danger Danger, Firehouse, Ratt, Jimi Jamison, XYZ among others. Additionally, the production is crunchy, live and rockin’.
“Identity Crisis” is full of pure hard rockin’ tunes… awash with excellent vocal performances and a melodic rockin’ background. It’s almost impossible not to find tracks that will make you wonder… how fuckin’ good this music was/is… thank God there are bands like Tango Down that keep this flame (music) alive even today. “Corners of My Mind” is an amazing power ballad that could have easily come from the late 80s… while rockers like: “Crying to Me”, “Alone”, “Blame”, “Enlighten Me”, “Back to Life” & “Calling Out” have that sweet 80s-90s feeling. There’s no doubt that “Identity Crisis” is the best album of the band to date… moreover it contains some great songs that every rocker out there must listen to. This album is a melodic hard rock blast from the “past”… with today’s material. Sink your teeth into it, especially if you love the 80s hard rock music…