Talvienkeli - Hybris

Talvienkeli Hybris cover
With a name like Talvienkeli, I half expected the band to be Finnish and not French, but I digress; people can choose to call themselves whatever they like, no matter how tongue twisting and odd it may sound. So this French quintet was created when two projects who had run their course merged into a new band. Following a few lineup changes and an EP in 2014, the band had been hard at work on their debut “Hybris”...
With their latest lineup the band seems to enjoy delving into mid-era Nightwish, Epica etc. soundscapes, with a bit more theatricality ala Capri era Amberian Dawn. While their overall sound is not bad and singer Camille Borrely leaving some promise, despite sounding like a young and often “green” Tarja in places, what I found less appealing than the occasional unfortunate vocal inflection was the fact that there are not enough orchestrations, with the band relying heavily on keyboards to carry most of the songs, before having the entire band come in at certain points of the songs; the way it’s done, it’s a delicate balance to not overload the music, but I find that they are economizing too much.
Well at least, it’s a debut so they could only get better. Also despite achieving a good, clean production, it’s probably a bit too “rock” for what they’re trying to do. Also, better strings (even real ones) would do them a world of good as would a bit more focus on the songwriting, as they seem content to have a mellow part, then a dynamic one with the entire band chiming in and then probably repeat and in doing so their arrangements sound too “simple”. There’s “something” there, but I think the band needs to work a lot more on it to shape it into “good” songs.