Tainted Nation - F.E.A.R.

Tainted Nation F.E.A.R. cover
Tainted Nation
Massacre Records
Tainted Nation is a collaboration among various known names of the rock/metal scene. Precisely, we have: Pete Newdeck on vocals (Eden’s Curse, Grim Reaper, Killers, Steve Grimmett), Pontus Egberg on bass (The Poodles, Lions Share, Zan Clan), Ian Nash on guitar (Steve Grimmett, Lionsheart) & Mark Cross on Drums (Firewind, Outloud, Helloween, Kingdom Come). Does such a line-up sound promising or what? Well, things aren’t quite as they seem to be at first.
The music can be described as more “modernized hard” rock with several melodic rock and hard & heavy elements. So far so good. The downside of this project is the total lack of catchy tunes. The melodies are so generic and unmemorable that it becomes exasperating how they have done such a thing! I have listened to the album more than 3 times and I still cannot sing nor remember a damn vocal line! Nonetheless the production is powerful & very rockin’ yet rather modern. Apart from that, do not expect anything else.
“F.E.A.R.” is the case when a bunch of good musicians are coming up with absolute lack of inspiration. This is so generic, run of the mill, overdone, uninspired and tedious that it’s hard to keep it after some time. I could never expect of (modern) hard rock music to be so vanishing to listen to but this album made me think twice. The main problem with this album is the generic songwriting and the lack of hooks. If they wanna go on with this band they must work harder on those parts. If not, they have their “permanent” bands where they can play safely without being very anxious about tomorrow…