Taake - Noregs Vaapen

Taake Noregs Vaapen cover
Noregs Vaapen
Dark Essence
Three years after his latest homonymous work, Taake (Høst actually) are back with a darker, more obscure and diverse album. Right from the snowy woods of Norway… Høst has delivered some fascinating inner black metal songs… that won’t leave any black metal fans unsatisfied.
In “Noregs Vaapen” the guys that constitute the live line-up of Taake, Thurzur, V’gandr, Aindiachai and Gjermund, have contributed to some songs and there are also some important guest appearances from Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone), Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Demonaz (Immortal), Bjørnar Nilsen (Vulture Industries) and Skagg (Gaahlskagg, Deathcult). Actually, some guys from the best Norwegian black metal bands are participating on this album! How could the result be something less than terrific? The production… in fact impressed me, for it is powerful, yet dark and aggressive. Høst who is responsible for all the music and arrangements of the album has managed to create some noise around Taake, due to the “significant” banjo solo on the song “Myr”. That’s the reason why “Myr” is No 8 in the Norway section of Dagbladet’s “50 songs you should not miss”! A smart move by Høst… that has somehow divided the black metal fans… I believe the banjo use at this song is brilliant! Also, “Noregs Vaapen” has been nominated for the 2012 Spellemann Prize in the Best Metal Album category!
I know that all those things are not really interesting for most of the fans in black metal music… but these things do show whether a band has released something worth listening and buying… and Taake… they have indeed released their best album so far. It’s really great to see some of the “old” black metal bands still playing and releasing extreme, deep black metal music… even though the golden era of this music has long gone.