Taake - Stridens Hus

Taake Stridens Hus cover
Stridens Hus
Dark Essence Records
I guess it’s not a secret after all these years. Taake (or Høst if you prefer), has this tradition of putting out new albums every 3 years. Thus, “Stridens Hus” couldn’t escape that “odd” habit.
Throughout this album the listener can hear all the Taake trademarks which made them a fairly esteemed black metal act over the years. The traditional black metal sound is embellished with lots of atmospheric elements. The final outcome, as always, is very interesting, dark, “frozen” and extreme. This time, apart from Høst who plays everything, the “live Taake band” has also contributed to the recordings. The album was recorded and produced by Bjornar Nilsen (Vulture Industries) at his Conclave and Earshot Studios in Bergen. The sound is very good as usual; it’s not too polished and overall it does remind of the late 90s/early 00s black metal sound.
This time Høst hasn’t experimented like he did on the previous album when he added the banjo solo on “Myr”… even though, imo, he could have done so especially in the instrumental “En Sang til Sand om Ildebrann” which is in the same style like the other tracks but without any vocals. Possibly, any kind of “experimentations” could have added a little variety on the album which is rather too predictable at places. Anyhow, Taake is still one of the top Scandinavian extreme bands which has been keeping the black metal flag up high for more than 15 years now…