Synful Ira - Between Hope and Fear

Synful Ira
Between Hope and Fear
Synful Ira is the brainchild of Fabio and Laura Balducci (guitars). They took shape around 2007 and began as a tribute band for two very famed bands: Nightwish and Evanescence. Yet, it was in 2010 when they left the original tribute project and went ahead to present their first promo CD, “The Hard Reality” containing five songs which they later added to “Between Hope and Fear”. Those songs are: “Sound Of Life”, “True Lies”, “Behind the Suspect”, “Shining Tracks”, and “Fatal Temptation”.
“Between Hope and Fear” combines a blend of sounds; the more melodious sections with a bounty of piano and acoustic guitar, the symphonic parts with orchestral arrangements and the heavier yet modern guitar rhythms with electronic keyboard riffs. It really sounded like a combination of Evanescence’s nice tunes (not my favorite band) and Nightwish style high-pitched vocals entwined with influences of Within Temptation and Lacuna Coil. The result is charming but personally speaking, it isn’t something that will blow your mind. Songs like: “Sound Of Life” - atmospheric tune, “Behind the Suspect” as well as “Revenge of Mind” - are catchy songs, “Inside My Fears” - well-written lyrics, “Hope” - smart amalgam of various music elements, and “8.45” - soothing instrumental are among the ones I sincerely enjoyed.
The album was recorded at the Doctorstudios in Bologna, with Roberto Priori. The sound is satisfactory. The band unfolds a story (true one) through their songs so… as long as you are fond of that music style and the bands mentioned before, listening to it would be pretty enjoyable.