Steel Panther - Feel the Steel

Steel Panther Feel the Steel cover
Steel Panther
Feel the Steel
Universal Republic
I think that 20 years in the making is a very long time period… but was it worth the wait? Sure it did! Now I just can’t get over it… it’s simply amazingly dirty and sexy. Yes, ladies and gents I’m talking about Steel Panther (aka Danger Kitty, Metal Shop, Metal Skool) and “Feel the Steel” that after 20 whole years is finally out! The “Hole Patrol” that was unofficially released in 2003 by Metal Skool had surprise us all back then… but we wanted the main menu and the years were passin’ by and nothing happened till… now.
“Feel the Steel” is one of the best hard rock, poser, hair metal, glam, - call it what you like - CDs that have been released in the last decade… and of course due to its lyrical concept is one of a kind! Great musical themes blend together with rock’s best mottos… sex and drugs! Listening to this album will bring you face 2 face with your biggest desires n’ fears… like Strippers, Asian hookers, Fat girls, coke, all those shitty rap, pop musicians, gang bang – hot ass, backstage pass… etc… the list is too long to be mentioned here.
The case is so simple here… is you are into 80s hard rock music – and you love bands like Motley Crue, Poison, Winger, Bon Jovi etc - then Steel Panther is for you… if you are into hookers strippers etc… then Steel Panther  is for ya as well… if you are into sex n’ drugs attitude then Steel Panther is again for ya… but hey what the hell?? Steel Panther is for everyone out there that respects himself and likes to lick juicy asses and hot chicks… while listening to rock music… fuck yeah…!! Isn’t it great to sing “Community Property” to your girlfriend just to show her how much you love her?! Great song dudes!
The whole CD is great but my personal favorites are: the first single “Death to All but Metal”, “Asian Hooker” (my beloved one), “Community Property” (what a love song huh?!),“Eyes of a Panther”, “Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)”, “Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’”, “Party All Day” (a song that Bon Jovi would love to have written), “Turn Out the Lights”, “Stripper Girl” (the absolute Stripper hymn!) and “Girl from Oklahoma”. It’s totally unnecessary to say that every rocker must have this album… it’s one of a kind… there will never be another one like this… an eternal diamond in cock rock, sexy/porn music… it’s a Buy or Die thing… I’m a man with a plan… I’m fuckin’ going to Japan… If only…