Spiders - Shake Electric

Spiders Shake Electric
Shake Electric
Reaktor Recordings
And the 70s mania with the bell-bottoms and the hippy attitude continues! Hooray! What’s better than some 70s female-fronted bands trying to “revive” the old days?! It’s strange (funny too) to see all these “rock music rebels” living in 2014 and fantasizing they are in a hippy 70s parallel universe!
This is the sophomore album for the Swedes Spiders and if you play it without looking at the year of release, you’ll think you’re listening to some hippy rock & roll stuff from the 70s. It’s Ok but too overdone, run of the mill and totally unoriginal! So far so good! Riffs and melodies that we’ve heard one thousand times before, witty band image of another time and place along with an entirely wannabe 70s production. Why would anyone in 2014 like to sound like the ones in the 70s? OK those bands might have had inspiration but they didn’t have the technology or the equipment of our time to do any better. But why are new artists copying them even on this “weak” part?
Personally, I find this 70s revival thing another bonanza for the big labels, as they will be taking advantage of the fans and the bands too. There’s nothing really worth listening to in bands such as this. If you like the whole 70s thing go find the actual “original” albums by the 70s great bands and revel in… that’s it – end of the story!