SnakeyeS - Ultimate Sin

SnakeyeS Ultimate Sin cover
Ultimate Sin
Independent Release
Wasting little to no time after releasing their debut EP “Welcome to the Pit”, SnakeyeS return with a brand new full-length album “Ultimate Sin”; these Spaniards, featuring in their ranks most of the guys the Spanish band Sphinx and a Romanian singer called Cosmin Aionita (9.7 Richter), who ain’t half as bad, he sounds like a rougher Udo Dirkscneider crossed with mid-range Halford, but “rough” around the edges, are deliverers of undulated, undiluted true metal, that owes a lot to traditional metal as it does to the better of the retrist bands out there. They recorded the album themselves and had Academy Award nominee and Goya Awards winner Ricardo Perez mix it, which allowed for a really nice, full, up-to-date sound. The band may be rooted in the 80s but they do sound like they should… like they recorded last year and not in 1981, on a 10 quid budget.
The love for all things UDO and Priest is quite prevalent and for a “debut”, things are quite promising, since every other song, turns out to be quite likable actually. They are not overtly complex, but they are instrumentally quite capable, with guitar solos often making quite luminary appearances.
Song tempos tend to be on the rise, mid to fast and rarely do they slow down. They’re quite calculating however so as not to tire, songs like the opening “Demon in Your Mind” the heavier “Denied”, “Blood of The Damned”, “Time of Dismay”, the title track and all, are not going to win the band any awards for originality, but they might win ‘em some for conviction and dedication to their craft. If you like The Maidens and Priests of this world and if you’re not indifferent to what bands like Wolf and Enforcer are doing, then SnakeyeS will most likely not disappoint you. I could welcome a bit more variation but that might come in the near future…