Sinner - Santa Muerte

Sinner Santa Muerte cover
Santa Muerte
AFM Records
I had to scratch my head and think about how many albums Sinner has put out under that particular moniker… they are easily around twenty, since Sinner, along with Goddess Shiva, is one of the earliest projects of Mat Sinner, with an ever revolving cast of musicians around him, including a duo of vocalist, both male and female, and a new drummer, the result ranges between hard rock that verges on heavy metal and straight ahead classic heavy metal, that however feels decidedly sub-par.
There’s the occasional good idea on the guitars, but the songs generally suffer and for the most part the duo of vocalists doesn’t work on their own. They work better in unison, but that’s not always the case. Songs like “The Wolf”, “Shine On” and “The Ballad of Jack” or the more muscular “What Went Wrong”, which features Ricky Warwick (Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, Almighty), are kind of okay, but then again ones like the title track or “Fiesta Y Copas”, where Ronnie Romero (of Rainbow, does the Spanish vocals) sound more like pisstakes.
Without being a terrible album, this sounds very basic disjointed and really predictable, much like the variety of sub-par projects that a lot of musicians find themselves involved in in the past couple of decades. Sinner (the band) has never been consistent; it would be a miracle with the amount of musicians that has gone through its ranks and if it weren’t for Primal Fear’s success, I don’t think Mat Sinner would have had such a lengthy career. An album like this can only be recommended to Mat’s fanatics and I really dunno how many those might be...