Sigh - In Somniphobia

In Somniphobia
Candlelight Records
Sigh have been around for over 20 years. Although they’re coming from Japan, they managed to overcome all those difficulties that a non-European or US band was facing at the time and become a respectful name in the metal scene. The band’s black metal days have long gone but that does not mean that they lost those extreme metal elements they had since the beginning in any case. It is true that every new album from this band is a surprise… not matter if you dig it or not. I still remember when I listened to “Imaginary Sonicscape” back in 2001… how impressed I was by the band’s creativity and skills. Perhaps, this is the band’s best work up to now.
“In Somniphobia” is a totally insane, crazy, “psycho” album… the opposite of the cliché-like extreme metal music. It’s truly hard to give you a hint of the band’s music… and honestly… I can put it under any label… cuz’ you will listen to more or less, almost, all the kinds of music here… not only rock & metal music… but also avant-garde, atmospheric, eastern, tango, jazz, soul, blues, classic, symphonic and the list goes on. So, if you can… just imagine a black, thrash, heavy metal music base that’s embellished with all the aforementioned music genres… believe me when you listen to it… you will utterly get it. This is the true nature of progressive & experimental music… this is progress, complexity and creativity. Of course, the final result it’s not so easy-listening… neither so hard to get as well. It needs time and repeated listens. This is absolutely non-commercial music… and I consider it to be a brave act for any label to release something so diverse, sick and bizarre. The wonderful thing with this album is how beautifully all these different music kinds are blended together… and the feeling they deliver. Obviously, you need to know about music… in order to mix all those various music features together without making them sound horrible in the end. Another plus, is the solid and clear production of the album.
Impartially, those who dare to listen to this album… should not miss a single tune for they all have small or big shocks to offer you. I do not think that there’s gonna be a stranger album than this one out this year. But be careful, this is not your everyday album, neither it’s for all the times of the day… you’ll need to make yourself a dusky, candlelit atmosphere… put a glass of red wine… so as to be prepared to enter into the sick, uncanny & weird music world of Sigh… you’ve been warned… I’m sorry but I have to go now…