Shinedown - Threat to Survival

Shinedown Threat to Survival cover
Threat to Survival
Atlantic Records
Three years after “Amaryllis”, Shinedown are back with their fifth full-length album in their career. Thirteen years have passed since the band took shape and they did gain more fame & fortune than numerous other bands that deserved it. You see the music business, apart from being irrational, is totally unfair. Wanna more? Just note that “Threat to Survival”, after almost two months from its official released date, has sold more than 100,000 copies in the US! That’s enough to drive you nuts – I know!
Anyhow, “Threat to Survival” is a modern, post-grunge, with alternative rock elements album that’s totally tedious on the whole. No my friends, this ain’t “hard rock” even though some mainstream press (e-)mags wanna present it that way. It is miles away from being called hard rock… probably the “gay rock” tag suits it better – but not hard rock, not in this life! As you might have guessed the album lacks inspiration and all the melodies are blunt and childish in a way. I do not want to offend any children who make music, I’m sure they do it better than Shinedown at times! If you’re not an angry teenager who thinks that this kind of gay-shitty music is wild & rockn’, then better stay as far away as you can from music junk such as this…