Seventh Key - The Raging Fire

Seventh Key The Raging Fire cover
Seventh Key
The Raging Fire
Frontiers Records
When you see some musicians’ names under a release, you always know that they are true and have given their best in order to achieve the greatest result. On the other hand, there are some other musicians that only survive by fooling people and releasing albums with no quality whatsoever. But those things are known to the music industry and especially to the fans that are in love with music.
Mike Slamer (Streets, Steelhouse Lane, Streets) and Billy Greer (Kansas, Streets) are in the first category that I described above. Seventh Key, for those who may not know, this is the project band of those great musicians. “The Raging Fire” is the band’s second album and a more mature one in every way. Those guys really respect the fans that have been following them all those years and this will not change now; I hope it never will.
Those who have listened to the previous work of those two men, and of course their works with their bands, know exactly what they should wait. As for those who do not know them or who haven’t listened to a single note from them, better stop reading these lines right now. Get the album instead!
Now, as far as the music part is concerned, the album starts from where their debut stopped. Yes, as you might have guessed this album is better than their first one! Mike is delivering the goods with his excellent guitar harmonies and his unique solos, and Billy’s voice sounds better than ever! This album is closer to Mike’s Steelhouse Lane “Slaves of the New World”, which is regarded by many (including myself) as a monumental one.
To get to the point, “The Raging Fire” is an excellent pure hard rock album. Of course, it is one of the best albums of this year and a gift to the lovers of pure melodic hard rock music. Except for his fantastic guitar work, Mike has also made the production of this album, which is superb!
The album starts with one of the best songs of this year! “The Sun Will Rise” is an ideal opener for any album and gets you right to the point of pure melody and power! Enjoyable verse and outstanding chorus. This song will leave you breathless.
“Always Form the Heart” starts slow, but then bursts into a great hard rocker hymn.
“You Cross the Line” is the “strange song” of the album, and be sure that it will become your beloved one after some listens. It is a dark, esoteric song that gives you more and more of its essence every time you listen to it!
The next song “An Ocean Away” is a classic hard rocker that will grab your attention from the first listen. A very melodic and beautiful song.
The homonymous song is an atmospheric, prog song, which requires time to get used to it, but then you will play it all the time.
“Sin City” is straight rocker song with a good guitar riff and a very nice chorus.
“It Should Have Been You” is a breathtaking moody ballad that will touch every lonely soul! A great hard rock album should always feature at least one amazing ballad. That’s the right way!
“Run” is a good rocker that will remind you of Def Leppard and generally the late 80’s/early 90’s hard rock songs.
Pyramid Princess” is one of my favorite songs from this album. Classic hard rocker, with an epic feeling and a great break in the middle of the song.
The last one “Winds of War”, is another mid-tempo song, which starts with an acoustic part and then rocks pretty well.
Seventh Key’s “The Raging Fire” is one of those albums that we will remember after many years and we will talk about using the best of words. I feel so lucky that I have listened to it the period it was released. If you consider yourself to be a lover of hard rock music, then this one is just for you. Melodic hard rock music at its best, no more or less.