Secret Sphere - The Nature of Time

Secret Sphere The Nature of Time cover
Secret Sphere
The Nature of Time
Frontiers Music Srl
Secret Sphere are a bit hapless. They’ve released numerous albums, 8 to be exact, plus a re-recording and a live album, been in some of the most prestigious labels and still their name isn’t among the ones you’d think of immediately when it comes to melodic metal with prog tendencies.
Michelle Luppi (who doubles as keyboard player and backing vocalist in Whitesnake) is offering some pretty mature and well-rounded performances throughout, but he is not able to make the mostly mid-tempo material really take flight. The occasional exception like the opener “The Calling” that has a pretty urgent chorus, the smooth “Kindness” (hmm apparently lots of songs have “positive” titles – in what might be a half-conceptual album) and a variety of passages in other tunes, are quite endearing, but not to the point of blowing your mind…
If you’ve enjoyed the band in the past, or some of their contemporaries like DGM etc, you’re likely to enjoy the album maybe even more than I did, but I stand ambivalent towards it.