Rust N’ Rage - Showdown

Rust N’ Rage
Ektro Records
Rust N’ Rage is a newcomer four piece band that’s hailing from Finland. The guys of the band are very young (on their 20s) and slightly matured when it comes to music. They seem to love the 80s sleaze/glam metal bands like: Motley Crue, Poison, Ratt, Danger Danger, Warrant, L.A. Guns and so on. Of course, they also dig newer acts like Crashdiet, Hardcore Superstar, Crazy Lixx etc.
The big downside with this album, apart from the poor production, is that the guys hadn’t been ready to release a music work yet. They could have used these songs as demos and find out what they were missing in order to better up themselves before they go on public. Of course, one can find a bunch of fine tunes here and there but the drawbacks are overcoming anything in the album. For instance, the vocalist, is off key at times… whilst the guitarist should work on his solos better and especially the “bend - bend/release” technique.
I do not wanna disappoint the guys nor be harsh on them cuz’ they are young and they need guidance and help on their first steps. We’re not here to mock up anyone neither show our complex as some wannabe metal Godfathers are doing through their shitty pages. I believe that the guys were in hurry and they badly wanted to release their debut album even though they weren’t prepared to do so. I totally get ‘em, we had also been in our 20s (and even younger) once and we were struggling to record/release anything we could and thought big of. Things would have been different if this was a demo release but it ain’t. They better hold on for a while, keep rehearsing/writing music all the way and take the downsides, that some press guys like me are pointing out, under consideration if they wanna present something improved in the future…