The Rock Alchemist - Eyes of Mind

The Rock Alchemist Eyes of Mind cover
The Rock Alchemist
Eyes of Mind
The Rock Alchemist was formed in 2009 in Italy. Consisting of members from the Italian scene - some of them were together in other bands as well - it didn’t take them much time to start rehearsing & playing live gigs. So, after a while their debut album, entitled “Eyes of Mind”, was ready for the public.
The band’s hard rock music has a heavier edge, but it is also embellished with melodic rock, heavy rock & metal elements. In fact, the kinda psychedelic-like cover artwork does not represent what you’re about to hear. They are influenced by the biggest rock/metal acts of the 70s & 80s such as Led Zeppelin, Rainbow, Malmsteen, Racer X and so forth. They have a crackin’ lively & dynamic sound with a contemporary touch. The band is rather tight and they are quite skillful. What will catch your attention from the very first listening, is the excellent solos by the guitarist Beppe Geracitano.
Overall, “Eyes of Mind” contains nice hard rockin’ tunes, a beautiful power ballad, “A Man a Girl”, and a long blues-rock tune that closes the album. I think that The Rock Alchemist is the best hard rock Italian band I’ve heard in a while. Italy produces lots of rock/metal bands, that’s the truth, but I can tell that these guys have the potential to make it… if they work hard and make the most of the chances that will possibly appear in the near future. I’m glad I came across this band and listened to their enjoyable debut album… bet that they are great on stage as well. Henceforth, I’d like to see how they will evolve in the future…