Rick Springfield - Rocket Science

Rick Springfield Rocket Science cover
Rick Springfield
Rocket Science
Frontiers Music Srl
One has to give it to Rick Springfield for apparently staying “forever” youthful and for a quite steady output of some nice rock music, aside from also being an actor, a best-selling author and the subject of multiple documentaries...
“Rocket Science”, might be Springfield’s 18th(!) album, but neither does it sound dated or tired… with some pretty classic Springfield compositions like “Light This Party Up”, a real party starter, “Down”, a song Rick wrote in the middle of an ice storm on a stranded tour bus with Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus, the bitter sweet love song “The One”, or the also eventful and quite dynamic quasi rocker “The Best Damn Thing”.
One the other hand, “Miss Mayhem” is a soother tinged electric blues hurricane, on which Rick collaborated with indie artist Tad Kubler of the band The Hold Steady. Not bad at all and quite different, in a good way.
“Pay It Forward” is a cheerful track but rather passable, while “Found” is a ballad with lots of country rock influences, just like “Crowded Solitude” is as well, but so much better, as it’s more anthemic nature keeps it from stagnating.
“Let Me In” is another twangy ballad that’s not half as bad – the man is a helluva balladeer, why would he not put to use one of his greatest talents after all?
“All Hands on Deck” has a bit of a weird intro but right after that it turns into this country jiggy anthem with tons of marching percussion. Very American for an Aussie!
“We Connect” experiments – sounding quite modern and a little out of place, next to the rest of the songs, but it’s one of the better ones of the lot.
“(I Wish I Had a) Concrete Heart” is even more modern sounding with its backwards played guitar samples an all, sounding more like a boy-band “hit” delivered by a man, not a “boy”.
Last but not least, “Earth to Angel” is a spirited little number that despite sounding quite “country” because of the fiddles (and maybe some bagpipes?) is quite pop/rocky at the same time.
Typical album with Springfield’s signature songwriting and performance style as good as ever, if you like his hybrid of melodic rock with slight folk/country diversions and his passionate performance this is gonna be a bit of a no brainier. After all, its music, not rocket science.