The Raz Band - Madison Park

The Raz Band Madison Park cover
The Raz Band
Madison Park
The Raz Band is a NJ based quintet that’s been revolving around Michael Raz Rescigno, a guy that seems to have been doing this since… forever, while Badfinger’s Joey Molland and drum legend Joe Vitale (Joe Walsh/Crosby, Stills & Nash/The Eagles) have played in Raz recordings previously this is the first album where they are recognized as proper band members.
It’s an album all about the place where the main band characters, now middle aged men, grew up in, bringing the vibe of the 70s and a streetwise rock charm. Despite, the band trying to name drop and use association to an extreme point, it’s not necessary, because their simple rock ‘n roll charm is either gonna make you love em or not really hate them but be completely indifferent towards them.
With some sixteen or so songs, not really not exceeding the three minute mark, by much for the most part, you get a pretty shrewd picture of what the band is all about. Opener “$1.50 For Your Love” is probably one of the best songs on there, but there are a lot of nice jim-jams, which seem to take off, with the use of horns, pretty often… ie “The Road of Love” and a bunch of others that sound like a contemporary take on The Beatles and some early Stones (to a far lesser extend). Not bad, but not mind-bogglingly good either…